A multi-platform artist. A digital creator across Film & Music, he has spent over 20 years honing his passions across the globe. From London to Beijing, Vancouver and Auckland. Specializing in both visual effect for Hollywood Films (Ex-Machina, Star Wars, The Jungle Book, Planet of the Apes,…) and Techno/IDM production, whilst DJing under his MOD3LLR Alias.

Alonso Varelas career as a professional DJ began prior to the early 90’s, however, it was only at this time that his passion and involvement in electronic music truly began to manifest. EBM, IDM or Techno were growing rapidly on the scene and Alonso felt a natural connection. Drawing meaning and interpretation from the layers and textures this evolving sound exposed.

Now immersed in this new electro scene he began to collaborate with a defining group of talented DJ’s and producers. As a resident DJ at both Tik and La Fabrica (both Gijon, Spain) he was integral in introducing the North of Spain to this new sound. Both clubs went on to become a huge success with La Fabrica becoming one of the most important after hours venues in Spain in the late 90`s.

As a result of his popularity in Spain, he was soon playing in clubs such as OMEN in Frankfurt and OXA in Zurich, becoming one of the first Spanish Djs to play sets abroad and joined Sven Vath’s record label as a HartHouse artist.

As the decade drew to a close, Alonso’s attention turned towards a new form of expression as he began to explore audiovisual arts, 3D animation and Visual effects.

Although It has now been 20 years since his primary focus shifted from Music to 3D Art, his involvement and driving passion for music has firmly remained. Having spent countless hours over the years producing in the studio as well as DJ’ing whenever the time has allowed.

Nowadays, Alonso Varela is based in the UK, where he is continuing to expand and explore his creative musical platform while playing sets all over the globe.

Times & Space LP [MDLRLP01 ]
Unknown Resistance EP [MDLR01]
Parallax Definition EP [MDLR02]
Variable Gravity EP [MDLR03]
Procedural Tendency EP [MDLR04]

Subspace Analysis EP [ MDLR05 ]