Times & Space LP [ MDLR.LP01 ]

We are killing our host, we have already passed the brink of irreversible
damage. The virus has been reproduced over and over again. We want to
expand and we have already found the place to relocate, 40 light years
away… Times & Space, the soundtrack for the predicted and impending social

After a furious release schedule this year, planting the seed of Mod3llr’s
unique sonic landscape, we are graced with an 8 track album. Bringing all
the vision and craft he possess into a glorious kaleidoscope of broken
beats, ethereal electronic textures and deep themes.

As you start to unravel the emotive and stark story behind the album, this
LP is almost literally about a journey that takes many turns along the way.
From the Sequenced riffs of *Times *working counterpoint to the sharply
resonant bass, to the complex poly rhythmic structure that allows for the
music to have a never-ending feeling to great effect.

Fluid production and a sparse almost Electro vibe also play a big part on
the LP. Pairing broken beats with arpeggio sequences for some of the most
slamming Techno you will hear this year is no mean feat. We see the true
breadth of Mod3llrs talent on show here.

From edgy break beat to modular live jams, always with an inventive edge,
and a complexity paired with sonic intrigue. Whirring VCO’s and sporadic
percussive elements punctuate a record and make the world just a little
different around you.

From order to chaos and back the Times & Space LP from Mod3llr is a true
expression of his craft, and damn good Techno with it.

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