Subspace Analysis EP [ MDLR05 ] OUT NOW!

Subspace Analysis EP, the 5th MOD3LLR release became available globally today.

Get your copy at your favorite record store!



Electric Indigo ( / / Vienna /) Kaiser (K S R / Italy) Diffuse Reality (Barcelona) Orde Meikle (Slam/Glasgow) Henning Baer (Grounded Theory Berlin) CODE 701 (Turin) Bryan Chapman (South Coast) Arnaud Le Texier (Affin/ Bass Culture/ Children Of Tomorrow (London) Lars Huismann (Berlin) Dial Tone (Berlin) Larix (Poland) Petar Lazovic (Serbia) Ricardo Garduno (Illegal Alien – Warm Up. Mexico) XHEI (Buenos Aires) Ness (TGP / Italy) FNOOB (Techno Radio) Marnyc (France) H. Paul (Valencia) Patrick DSP (Berlin) Lucas Freire (Barcelona) Hearthink (Be Uncensored) Mike Davis (Brenda Records) Dubfire (Sci + Tec) Alderaan (Arg) SLV (Virgo / Soma Records / Berlin) Mark August (Amsterdam) Dimi Angelis (Amsterdam / ANGLS, A&S, Traut Muzik) Ison (Actor One/ NON Radio)  Thessaloniki (Greece) Hector Sandoval (EXIUM-TENSAL) Rommek (London) Dinamite (Berlin)  Mark August (Amsterdam) Joaquin Ruiz (Argentina) Hd Substance (SUB tl records / Cassette Club) Julez Wyl (London) Noir (Noir Face) Alfredo Mazzilli (Italy) Jeff Derringer ( Oktave/Smart Bar) Niall Comiskey (Ireland) Joton (Newrhythmic recs ) Eric Cloutier (Palinoia | The Bunker NY || Berlin via Detroit) Paco Osuna (Barcelona) Press Play (Canada) Griessmuehle (Berlin) Joachim Spieth (Germany) Sigha (UK) Deep Dimension (Helsinki) Takaaki Itoh (Japan) Giordanø (Granulart / Wunderblock / Illegal Allien / Funk You / BNKR) Svreca (Semantica – Madrid) TWR72 (Netherlands) Jonas Kopp (Berlin) Markantonio (Napoli) Wrong Assessment (Milan) Marco bailey (Earth) Relic Radiation (La notte di architetto) Kontal (Malta) Lunatik (Rome)  Tom Page (tRiBe Liverpool, DRR) Kryss hypnowave (Milano) Cristian Marras (Berlin) Alan Fitzpatrick (UK)Joseph Capriati (Drumcode) Oliver Deutschmann (Vidab-records) Christopher Rau (Smallville) Milton Bradley (Berlin) Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Dilek) Philip Downey (Swoon FM) Boddika (Instra:mental – Alan DJ) EFDEMIN (DIAL BERLIN) Denite (Diynamic / Get Physical / Third Ear / Resopal / Redlight Music) Chich (Luxembourg)
 Daniel Robinson Louk (RTE 2FM / Sonic Sessions / Techno Sessions / Zone Magazine) Speedy J (Berlin) Jeff Rushin (Amsterdam) Alessan Main ( Alss ) Skaliger (Italy) Juho Kusti (Deep Space Helsinki) TZ Project (Montenegro)  Matt Saderlan (Buenos Aires)


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