MOD3LLR’s new EP “The Intolerance Deconstruction” Preview and Pre-Order available now!

Chalking up his 7th record and first of 2019 Mod3llr presents his “Intolerance Deconstruction”. A 4 part affair split evenly between originals and MDLR Versions. MDLR is where Mod3llr puts his experimental hat firmly on offering an interesting twist on his usual addictive Techno sound.

Opening the set “Tolerance” is a finely balanced rhythm, it starts complex and just builds on that. Complex delay stacks and other performance tweaks magnetise the groove and set it spinning as the subtle and effective synthwork pushes the 2nd half on.

“Construction” is equally as dense from the start but drops quickly into a more defined arpeggio form. As we expect the atmosphere can get a little spooky with Mod3llr and this one really ramps it up. Sometimes organic sometimes utterly metallic and often somewhere in between. Closing the EP the MDLR versions really flip the script, taking the basic form laid out in the originals and reversing the laws of physics applied to them.

Mind bending stuff which blurs the connection to the original, and sometime cutting it completely. Dropped off from a passing asteroid, this latest lesson in superconscious Techno hit’s earth in March.

Pre-order available at MOD3LLR Bandcamp: