Alien Languages LP [ MDLR.LP02 ]


Mod3llr returns for his 2nd LP, and with it we see a definite break from his usual tight and defined Techno sound. The creativity is set to 11 for Alien Languages – a 5 track LP pulling energy from the cosmic frontier.

The opening track RORA splits its intoxicated vibe between the complex pad work which draws you in and the ever-present, almost clinical metronome keeping things sterile and in control.

Immediately things change gear when ZORX drops, tension and subtle fx work make this track a study in working the progression just enough to keep the tension steady this track bleeds nicely into STRM, the first time we hear a more recognisable Techno groove but even still this one is always moving, always changing and almost deceptive to the ear. Intricate modular grooves speak to a complexity beyond that usual.

FAIX works in an area that’s almost uncomfortable, it’s on edge its non-standard. Providing some resolution to the EP we have DAED, but once again it won’t be what you expect, Alien Languages speaks musically in concepts that might seem Alien, if you can understand the intent here you might be tapping into something more primal than you understand.