Dark Matter EP [ MDLR.06 ]

Mod3llrs Dark Matter EP see’s him rack up his 6th record on his own selfnamed imprint. This 2 trackers see’s a rapid evolution in his sound. There are no weak interactions when it comes to his tracks, solid, hypnoticand aggressive – the music hits hard and doesn’t let up.

WIMPs is the culmination of hard hitting analogue bass that twistsoccasionally reminiscent of the Geiger counter on a brief visit toChernobyl. Don’t stand around here too long, keep moving.

GIMPs has a bit more of a moviescape edge to it, the forgotten soundtrackto an unreleased Sci-fi movie. Once again leaving you no choice but tokeep moving.

Spported by: Laurent Garnier , Maceo Plex . Luke Slater . Takaaki Itoh . Orde Meikle . Tensal . Ryogo Yamamori . Kaiser . Electric Rescue. Angel Molina . Dimitri from Amsterdam . Oliver Deutschmann . Paco Osuna . Dial Tone . Juho Kusti . Oliver Deutschmann . Milton Bradley . Drumcell . Kontal . Luke Creed . Anika Kunts . Julez Wyl . Petar Lazovic . Joseph Capriati . Relic Radiation . BMSK . Milton Bradley . Laurent N. . DJ Rob Warner . Chris Rayner . Dixon Avenue Basement Jams . Franco Bianco …