Procedural Tendency EP [MDLR04]

Mod3llr falls into his own Procedural Tendency.

Dropping the 4th release on his self titled label with the previous 3 seeing the producer gain some great notoriety from the labels previous efforts.

We are greeted with a familiar package of 4 original tracks from Mod3llr with Random Generation opening the foray. The Track opens in true Mod3lrr style with a frenzied arpeggio sequence, cleverly teamed up with a delicate but ultimately immersive percussive line that drives the workout and takes your hand, leading you further down the rabbit hole.

Fractals follows up and this time we see Mod3llr stripping away his intriguing melodics for a stripped back, heads down – no nonsense 8 min trip of tension and groove.

Speech Synthesis continues to roll with the heads down techno groove vibe, embellished with some out of this world synth work that ducks and dives allowing the track to meander under the full force of its perpetuating rhythm.

Enemy Models closes up this maximum effect EP on a rather somber note in comparison to the tracks around it. Where we see the producer using his sonic knowledge and prowess to deliver an off kilter techno track that will leave heads spinning in its acid trail.

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