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“Techno has been in a state of constant evolution since the beginning, I consider techno a new way of expression, and I’ll include in that world not just music but the image, video, software, all kinds of creative technology as well. I think techno mainly, and in the way, the people consume techno these days in big festivals or small clubs is about an experience.

Techno music has been created for the dance floor mainly, I think there is one important ingredient missing, the interaction with the audience. In ten years I’m completely sure Techno shows will reach that point. You will go to a techno show and you will be immersed in a Techno experience where not just the DJs will play the main roles, the audience will be part of what happens all the time and based on what kind of people, the number of people, how the people are moving or what the audience mood is, together it will create a completely unique experience in each show or venue.”  MOD3LLR

Full interview:

Techno Interview – 10 Questions 2 – Mod3llr

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